Value Proposition for Startups

miLEAD prides itself on the training that consultants receive to objectively provide first-time businesses with an assessment of market needs that their product or service can fulfill. By utilizing primary and secondary research, our consultants gain the skills necessary to provide unbiased analyses of the value your product or service can bring to customers as well as to potential strategic partners. Illustrations of how we have provided clients with these academic-minded appraisals are described below.


Project 1

The Client: Health Software Company

The Project: The client had developed software but was unsure about need for this specific product within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. miLEAD conducted secondary research to identify current needs for this software and conducted customer discovery to offer insight on the potential use of the product.

The Deliverable: miLEAD’s consultants provided the client with information about the market trends of the specific type of software and where the unmet need in the market is. We informed the client about the marketability of their software by describing its limitations as well as the interest for the product in specific fields of the market where the software’s capabilities would be most useful.

project 2

The Client: Local Biotechnology Company

The Project: The company was interested in penetrating a specific field of the pharmaceutical market but wanted to know more about how their device would be perceived. miLEAD conducted primary interviews with pharmaceutical companies to gauge interest in the novel capabilities of the client’s device.

The Deliverable: miLEAD discovered that pharmaceutical companies were interested in the client’s device for a reason that the client had not anticipated. Citing interviews from customer discovery, the consultants recommended that the client reconsider which features of their device they choose to highlight upon market entry.