The miLEAD Method

The “miLEAD Method” is the system our organization employs to ensure that each project serves as a valuable development opportunity for our members while simultaneously providing results and recommendations that meet the expectations of quality for our clients.

Student-to-Student Leadership

Our members are composed of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from diverse backgrounds and interests. Project teams are structured to give active members the opportunity to experience various industries first-hand while working in a highly collaborative team among other high-achieving students. Furthermore, experienced members gain valuable professional experience by leading teams, directing projects, and interfacing with clients as project managers. Below is the structure you can expect from a typical miLEAD project:



The adviser is a miLEAD Board Member who oversees the project and ensures that the results and recommendations fit miLEAD’s standards. An adviser has the most experience on the team by having acted as both a project manager and consultant on projects over their years in miLEAD.


Project Manager

The project manager is the lead member of the team. They interact with the client before the project begins to establish the engagement and then direct the project team to ensure the agreed upon deliverables are produced. A project manager has extensive experience as a miLEAD consultant and is selected based on their performance and aptitude for leadership in past projects.



The consultants are the main drivers of the project. Under the project manager’s lead, a group of 3-4 consultants conduct primary interviews, explore databases, identify market trends, and more. Projects are comprised of a diverse set of consultants, each primed to bring their own specialties and interests to the group while simultaneously learning important skills from others. Teams are composed of consultants with varying levels of experience.


Data Driven Approach

miLEAD harnesses the skills of our graduate students by employing data-driven approaches using primary and secondary research to address the business needs of our partners across industries.

We ensure that all of our recommendations are fully backed by market reports, scientific literature, and interviews with real professionals from each industry. miLEAD consultants learn to exhaustively fact-check their research throughout the project by compiling data points from a multitude of resources. This data-driven approach ensures the success of our projects and is a major reason our clients continue to return to miLEAD when they have additional problems to address.


Multi-Week Projects

Each project typically spans 6-8 weeks, beginning with a kick-off meeting at the start of the project so that our team can meet with a client face-to-face and gather a complete understanding of what miLEAD can provide. The team meets on their own at least once a week to break down responsibilities, report findings, and work together on the deliverable. Progress reports throughout the project provide updates on the research of the team and ensure that the scope and quality of the findings match the expectations of client. At the summation of the project, the team will present their final results and recommendations to the client.


miLEAD is a nonprofit organization, so proceeds from our projects are used to further develop the professional skills of our members. Our funds are used to hold professional development and skill-building seminars and workshops, talks from industry leaders, send students to conferences, and to hold social networking events to foster a strong community among our members.