As a professional development nonprofit organization, our mission is to develop graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at the University of Michigan into exceptional young professionals through student-to-student leadership and practical experience in non-academic industries. We strive to build students’ analytical, management, teamwork, and leadership skills in a professional setting, all while solving the complex problems facing our local and national partners. We aim to enable close collaboration between the scientific and local business communities.


Our Team

miLEAD is composed of student leaders from graduate departments across the University of Michigan and relies on each member’s diverse background and interests for our projects.

Our Method

The “miLEAD Method” ensures that each consultant has the opportunity to succeed and grow in a professional setting while providing data-driven proven results to local companies.

Our Capabilities

miLEAD teaches its members the skills necessary to work through and solve complex problems in the biomedical, engineering, and healthcare industries and beyond.

Our Success

miLEAD has experienced continual success in our business communities by providing companies with proven results and developing our members into leaders in industry.


Explore the benefits that joining miLEAD as a consultant could have on launching your ideal career through events, workshops, and projects.





Kick-start your career growth by joining a professional development organization focused on your goals.

Grow your professional network by meeting and working with like-minded graduate students and early career professionals.

Learn to think through complex problems that pose real-world barriers to companies from start-ups to established corporations.


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