Competitive Benchmarking


Once a market has been identified for your product or service, miLEAD is able to analyze competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to help position your business’s offering and deliver maximum value to customers. Through professional development events and close-knit teamwork, our consultants learn to bring you the latest market information to assist in the decision-making process of your business or institution. Two examples of how miLEAD has helped past clients are described below.


Project 1

The Client: Established Biotechnology Company

The Project: The company wanted research on competitors in the primary market for their product. They were also interested in potentially penetrating novel secondary markets.

The Deliverable: miLEAD was able to identify a new consumer based for the company through primary interviews. This market had less competition for the client.

project 2

The Client: Local Biotechnology Startup

The Project: The client needed assistance identifying competitors for their novel technology. Using primary research including contacting pharmaceutical companies, miLEAD identified key competitors for the client’s product.

The Deliverable: The client was provided information about which pharmaceutical companies were using competitors’ devices. Additionally, miLEAD gathered competitor price points and showed strengths and weaknesses of the client’s product.