Market Analysis 

As a professional development group, miLEAD celebrates the innovation teeming in our community and beyond. We recognize that market entry is one of the most significant challenges clients face after developing a new product or service. Our consultants learn to use primary and secondary research techniques including customer discovery interviews to assess the size and dynamics of various markets and help clients carefully make market entry decisions. See below to read more about how we have helped real businesses access the market to their full potential.

Project 2

The Client: Local Biotechnological Software Startup

The Project: The client was interested in exploring other markets for a biotechnological service. miLEAD used relevant literature and reports to explore potential markets.

The Deliverable: miLEAD estimated the genomic analysis market size in North America, Europe, and Asia. We detailed specific countries with the greatest existing markets and the greatest potential for growth and highlighted expected trends for pertinent segments to help the client identify relevant markets.

Project 1

The Client: Local Biotechnology Startup

The Project: The client had a novel biotechnological device but were unsure which market it would be most successful in. We worked with the client to investigate how the pharmaceutical market would react to this product.

The Deliverable: The team contacted over 90 pharmaceutical/biotech companies to assess interest in the client’s device. miLEAD determined that there was interest for the client’s device in this market but that the industry was interested in their product for a different reason than the client anticipated.