Fundraising Strategy

miLEAD can help startups assess funding options, write grant proposals, and prepare investor pitches to help secure funding. With access to investor databases and primary literature as well as extensive experience with startups in our community, miLEAD consultants learn to determine the best way to propel your business through to its next stages of growth and success. Furthermore, miLEAD has experience in drafting SBIR grant proposals for businesses, with a recent project leading to $3M in funding. Examples of how miLEAD has helped clients with financing strategy are below.


project 1

The Client: Medical Technology Company

The Project: The client contacted miLEAD as it was ready to raise Series A funding and wanted help determining the right partners to contact. miLEAD conducted a nationwide search of Venture Capitalists, analyzed markets both in the US and abroad and evaluated potential exit strategies for their product.

The Deliverable: miLEAD formulated a list of Venture Capitalist firms that would have specialized interest in the client’s product and business. Furthermore, the client was provided with an in-depth analysis of the specified markets the client wanted to explore so that they would be able to present the information during meetings to raise funding.


The Client: Local Pharmaceutical Company

The Project: The client had a new therapeutic device that they wanted to bring to market. The consultants explored the potential market for the device and researched the steps required to develop a commercialization plan that fit the needs of the client.

The Deliverable: miLEAD drafted a SBIR commercialization grant by developing a finance and marketing plan, conducting market/customer/competition analysis, determining intellectual property protection, and identifying revenue streams for a drug delivery device. The grant was submitted for SBIR Phase II funding, and received $3M in funding with the help of miLEAD.