Strategic Business Planning 

Successful businesses start with a well thought out plan. miLEAD is able to assist in developing this plan by providing independent research regarding R&D, marketing, and exit opportunities for your products and services, among other business practices.Through its measured success with past clients and devotion to analytical rigor, miLEAD can be trusted to provide honest and strategic advice in advancing your company or institution’s business plans. Two of the projects that we have assisted with business planning in our community are described below.


project 1

The Client: Robotics Technology Company

The Project: The company had already entered the market by providing their technology to a specific service industry. Looking to expand, the company worked with miLEAD to investigate the benefit of their technology in this industry in comparison to the current technology being used.

The Deliverable: miLEAD used secondary research to provide a cost model of the current rival technology. This cost model was integrated into a break-even analysis for the client to use in demonstrating the long-term benefit of their own technology. The client was provided with a user-friendly configuration to update this analysis with new information in the future.

project 2

The Client: Health Software Company

The Project: After developing their own software, the client was interested in the pricing structure of competitors. miLEAD used secondary analysis in an effort to gain a better understanding of pricing methodologies in the patient-engaging health technology market.

The Deliverable: The team developed a pricing structure based on primary research conducted on hospitals nationwide and categorized differences between large metropolitan hospitals and small rural hospitals. miLEAD consultants evaluated a fee structure for the client and then identified competitors and the pricing structure for their products.