miLEAD offers frequent events for its team members, all with the purpose of facilitating their professional development. These events range from informal coffee hours to workshops put on by leaders in the Ann Arbor area and beyond. Each event is specifically catered to provide our team members with an inside look into the non-academic industries available to graduate students, as well as the inner workings of the miLEAD organization itself. Scroll down to learn more about the various events miLEAD offers its members.

All events are free and available to active miLEAD members. Our ability to provide these events is made possible through the projects we complete with businesses not only in the local Ann Arbor area, but with companies across the United States.


miLEAD strives to provide a minimum of two events per month for its members. A typical month consists of one morning coffee hour and either a workshop or guest speaker. Members are informed of upcoming events in a monthly newsletter, as well as through periodic email updates. In order to maintain active membership of miLEAD, we require our members to attend at least one of our professional development events every 3 months.

Coffee Hours

Coffee Hours are monthly informal meetings of miLEAD members over bagels and coffee. The purpose of these meetings is to bring miLEAD members together to discuss various topics of interest for its members in the context of professional development and to explore other opportunities that members can take advantage of around campus and in the city of Ann Arbor.

One example of a common coffee hour includes having a miLEAD team discuss a recently completed project. This provides valuable insight into the methodology and thought process that went into solving a complex issue, as well as providing members an inner look into the ongoing projects of the organization. Other coffee hours include case studies, discussing professional development opportunities, and meeting with recently graduated miLEAD alums.


Professional Development Workshops

miLEAD hosts workshops led by successful leaders within both the University of Michigan as well as the broader Ann Arbor community. Workshops are aimed to develop skills that increase consultants’ abilities to have a strong and positive impact on a project by exploring the methodology underlying the capabilities miLEAD offers. In addition to learning consulting skills, professional development workshops include how to market yourself to a non-academic career through resume building, how to develop a LinkedIn profile, and how to begin your job search.

Guest Speakers

miLEAD brings guest speakers who span across industries such as entrepreneurs, innovators, miLEAD alumni, and corporate consultants to share their personal experiences navigating a non-academic post-graduate career. These speakers offer their own insights on how their graduate education helped them enter their respective field and ultimately led to their industry success.

Social Events

miLEAD hosts social events that enable members to meet, mingle, and network with other miLEAD members in an informal setting. As always, miLEAD provides the food and venue so that everyone who is available can easily join us. Aside from happy hours, some of miLEAD’s social events include a summer cookout, holiday parties, and, of course, tubing down the Huron River in Ann Arbor. You don’t want to miss any of these events!


Check out some pictures of our most recent events!