News- 2017


August 2017

miLEAD's August 2017 social event was tubing down the Huron River.  Thanks to Paloma for hosting us again this year, and to all of those that came to enjoy a relaxing day on the river!


july 2017

For miLEAD's July 2017 professional development event ZingTrain taught our team the importance of having a vision and how to create and utilize visions for success.

June 2017

miLEAD's June 2017 picnic was a new event held at Allmendinger Park in Ann Arbor, the event had a great turnout and featured grilled meats, many desserts and a little basketball competition.


May 2017

miLEAD's May 2017 professional development event dove into what it is like to work at McKinsey as a consultant and what exactly McKinsey does and how for their clients as detailed by our guest and current Chicago office McKinsey consultant former UM Graduate Yeon Baik. Thank You Yeon!

April 2017

miLEAD's April 2017 professional development was a group discussion with executive coach and consultant Jim Stilwell from Learning to be Great on Authentic Relationship Building: The Key to Effective Client-Consultant Engagement. The event was very informative and well attended by many new consultants. Thank You Jim!

March 2017

miLEAD's March 2017 social event took place at Dominick's as a meet and greet with new interviewees with an excellent turnout. John our immediate past president received an engraved decanter as a parting gift.


February 2017

miLEAD's February 2017 Professional Development event was a lesson in conduction focus groups. MiLEAD's Patrick Long and Joe Furgal gave a short presentation on how to setup and conduct a focus group, and then ran two small focus groups to discuss what members thought of miLEAD.

January 2017

miLEAD's January 2017 Social event was held at Belmark Lanes. We had a great time socializing and friendly bowling competition. Thank You to everyone who came out!