Our Capabilities

With each project, a team of six works closely together to provide your business with personalized consulting. A general overview of miLEAD’s capabilities, which members learn through professional development and peer-to-peer mentorship, are showcased here with a description of various projects. Every project is unique, so contact us today to find out how miLEAD can design an engagement that meets your needs.

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Strategic Business Planning


Market Analysis


Financing Strategy


Competitive Benchmarking


Patents and Regulatory Research


Value Proposition for Startups


The Team

Each miLEAD team is composed of six members of varying backgrounds and experience levels to form one well-rounded, cooperative unit. The strong project experience of the Project Manager and Advisor ensures our final recommendations meet the high quality expectations of your business and simultaneously guides newer members as they train to become successful young professionals. Follow the link below to explore more about our team structure and the “miLEAD Method.”  



Projects with miLEAD typically last 6 to 8 weeks. Every project includes the following engagements, which provide miLEAD members with various professional development opportunities. All proceeds from projects are used for professional development of the miLEAD community


How Your Business Supports Us

As a nonprofit organization, one of miLEAD’s primary missions is to facilitate the professional development of our team members. Through miLEAD projects, consultants gain valuable first-hand experience in direct client interaction and complex problem solving for startups and fully-established corporations across a number of diverse industries. In order to fund the events that foster professional development, miLEAD charges a nominal fee for its consulting services. All proceeds and support miLEAD receives from projects go directly towards funding the professional development of our members. To learn more about the events and opportunities miLEAD offers, follow the link below.


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