Dr. Stephanie Spohn
Co-Director of HR

Ph.D. field: Neuroscience

Current work: Investigating functionality of regions of C. difficile Toxin A

Kelly Kennaley

Vice President

Director of Web Development

Ph.D. field: Pathology

Current work: Investigating mechanisms of synthetic lethality in various tumor types

Jonathan Goldstein

Independent Consultant

Double Eagle Solutions
Jonathan helps miLEAD consultants to understand, in depth, some of the techniques that consultants use in their daily work and why they use them.

Professor Michele Swanson, Ph.D.

​Professor, Department of Microbiology and Immunology,

University of Michigan
Michele, Director of the Office of Postdoctoral Studies at the University of Michigan Medical School, is a strong proponent of miLEAD. She has been and continues to be supportive of career growth opportunities for postdoctoral fellows at University of Michigan.

Judy Smith, M.S.L.I.S
Taubman Health Sciences Library
, University of Michigan
Judy started providing tailored information consultations since the early days of miLEAD. She has played and continues to play a pivotal role for miLEAD by utilizing her knowledge of resources for information discovery in aiding consultants with secondary research.  Also, she trains consultants on information resources spanning a wide range of disciplines in the library and beyond.

Board of Advisors

The miLEAD consulting group is a non-profit organization founded and led by University of Michigan postdoctoral fellows. Our members are UM postdocs and graduate students from various academic backgrounds. We provide short-term consulting services to tech companies and other startups in southeast Michigan.

Paloma Garcia


Ph.D. field: Molecular and Cellular Pathology

Current work: Analyzing the tumor microenvironment in pancreatic cancer

Board of Directors

Our Mission

Brittany Rodriguez

Director of Finance

Ph.D. field: Biomedical Engineering

Current work: Skeletal Tissue Engineering

John Corthell PhD.
Past President (2016-2017)
​Office of Technology Transfer at UM

John has been instrumental in miLEAD achieving non-profit status and built much of our current business model. John stayed on as an advisor to help new consultants be successful by sharing his experience as a consultant, project manager, advisor, and board member over the last couple years.

Who We Are

1) ​To serve and assist the University and local business community in exploring business opportunities and addressing complex problems.

2) ​To provide opportunities for our members to obtain practical experience in industry and expand their business skill sets in management, team work, and leadership.

​​3) To facilitate closer collaboration between the local business and scientific communities.

Steven Romanelli

PR Director

Ph.D. field: Molecular and Integrative Physiology

Current work: Investigating gene functions in adipogenesis and metabolism