For Students and Postdocs: Why Join miLEAD?

​For Clients: Why Choose miLEAD?

Comments from clients:

"Overall, the experience was phenomenal."

"I don't have anything to say other than your teams did an outstanding job!"

"miLEAD provided excellent services to us and we won't hesitate to have them consult for us in the future."

"miLEAD conducted secondary market research for the prospective market we are targeting. The work they did was very thorough and it freed up our hands to tackle other more pressing matters of our project. They were very communicative. We recommend their work very highly."

"miLEAD was a fun and engaging group, we enjoyed our work with them tremendously."

"I have used miLEAD consultants for 2 market research projects and have been extremely satisfied with their knowledge and the information and analyses generated."

"miLEAD is awesome!"

​"The miLEAD team did a great job researching new market options for us and saved us a tremendous amount of time by getting a good initial pulse on the market for us."

Comments from miLEAD alumni:

"Yes, [my] miLEAD experience was very helpful. Before joining miLEAD, I knew nothing about consulting, and after volunteering for miLEAD, I have a very good knowledge of consulting in the medical technology field."

"As a consultant in miLEAD, I was able to engage and help on the translational side of innovation, which is otherwise limited in the typical academic research experience."

"miLEAD was extremely helpful in providing me with a set of skills to analyze science from a business standpoint and allowed me to excel in interviews involving case studies, including those of the Zell-Lurie Commercialization Fund."

"My experience with miLEAD helped me understand the business side of science better, which is something my company cares a lot about -- research market, will a product sell, who are our competitors, etc."

"My experience with miLEAD adds diversity to my experience, so I'm not just doing bench work and not knowing what's going on beyond that. It helps to have my feet wet in consultancy. Every senior member I worked with so far has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable with business."

Did your miLEAD experience help you land your current job?

"Yes." -Research Investigator

"Yes, it was a unique experience that caught the eye of my interviewers. It separated me from the other 100+ applicants for my current position."  -Technology Transfer Associate