Want to develop transferable skills for careers outside of academia?

Interdisciplinary teamwork. Project management. Business acumen. Whether you become a tenured professor, start your own company, or work in industry, these skills are essential to your development as a scientist and as an employee in today's job market. Yet many scientists lack these experiences or struggle to find them. miLEAD fills this need with practical, hands-on training in real-world projects.

What does miLEAD do?

miLEAD is a non-profit organization founded, led, and staffed by University of Michigan graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. The organization is established on two pillars: 1) provide opportunities for members to obtain practical business consulting experiences; and 2) provide short-term business consulting services to companies throughout southeast Michigan. Past projects have involved a variety of companies, ranging from startups to educational institutions. Like professional consulting firms, we operate on a project-based system. Consultants analyze both primary and secondary research to deliver final recommendations to our clients during 6-8 week long engagements. We often investigate the competitive landscape and market for new products. Project staffing is based on consultant availability and interest in the project.  Read more about miLEAD here.


It is not a requirement that you need to be a subject matter expert in the topic of the project. However, it is a requirement that you be willing to spend ~10-15 hrs a week on any project that you are staffed on. While most work can typically be done after hours and on weekends, there may be some instances when you will be required to do some of the work during normal business hours, particularly if you need to make phone calls to companies or individuals and attend client meetings.

To apply for a consulting role with miLEAD, please email the following materials to hr@milead.org by Saturday

October 7, 2017:
1. CV
2. List 3 areas of research expertise
3. Brief paragraph (less than 350 words) describing your research and its societal impact
4. Brief paragraph (less than 350 words) describing your interest in joining miLEAD and how this experience relates to your future career plans

Candidates will be selected for interviews to be held in mid-October and final decisions will be made shortly thereafter.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to let us know at hr@milead.org!

Note: miLEAD staffs projects as they come up throughout the year, so timing is flexible. Whenever a new project comes up, we ask our pool of consultants who's free and go from there. Once a consultant is in our staffing pool, we'll continue to offer them project roles until they ask to be removed from the list, so everyone gets several chances to find a project that fits their interests and availability!


miLEAD Consulting is Recruiting!