Kaitlyn Norman

Ph.D. field: Cellular and Developmental Biology
Previous work: Kinase signaling pathways involved in regulating nutrient stress responses in yeast

Dr. Ashwin Belle

Ph.D. field: Computer Science
Previous work: Computational medicine in critical care
Current Position: Analytics Architect at the University of Michigan’s Michigan Center for Integrative Research in Critical Care (MCIRCC)

Dr. Vikash Verma

Ph.D. field: Cell and Developmental Biology
Previous work: Reverse engineering of kinetochore architecture
Current Position: Investigating the mechanism of cytokinesis, Freelance reviewer/editor

Dr. Melissa Ramcharan

Ph.D. field: Biomedical Engineering

Previous work: Investigated the development of differences in bone quality given natural variation in genetic backgrounds during growth and voluntary exercise.

Current position: Biomedical Engineering at USFDA

Bastian Groitl
Project Manager

Ph.D. field: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Current work: Binding sites for molecular chaperones and O2 bacterial stress response

Matthew Beyersdorf
Past PR Director​ (2017)

Ph.D. field: Chemical Biology

Current work: Studies the interactions of proteins involved in gene regulation

Dr. Travis D'Cruz

Ph.D. field: Neuroscience
Previous work: Understanding retina development and regeneration from a genetics perspective
Current Position: Licensing Associate at Tufts University

Dr. Cordelia Ziraldo  
Past Position: Vice President

​Ph.D. field: Computational Biology
Previous work: Computational modeling of cell-mediated immune responses

Current position: Product Manager at Advaita Bioinformatics

Dr. Yanan Hou
Founding Member
Past Position: President

Ph.D. field: Biochemistry and molecular biology

Previous work: Physiology of endocrine pancreas

Current position: Senior Process Sciences Operations & Logistics Associate at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Corey Custer

Ph.D. field: Chemical Biology
Previous work: Intracellular Single-Molecule High-Resolution Localization and Counting
Current Position: Project manager at The Searchlite

Dr. John Corthell
Past President (2016-2017)
Ph.D. field: Neurobiology

Past work: Circadian rhythms in olfaction, gene expression, and glutamate receptors

Current Position: Office of Technology Transfer at UM

Dr. Mida Pezeshkian

Ph.D. field: Biological and Biomedical Sciences
Previous work: Myeloid malignancies
Current position: Applications Scientist, Swift Biosciences

Dr. Hanxiao Hannah Wang

​Ph.D. field: Bioinformatics
Previous work: Oncology

Current position: Consultant at Philosophy IB, LLC

Dr. Shailender Kanwar

Founding Member

Past Position: Director of Administration

Ph.D. field: Biophysics

Previous work: Microfluidic isolation and analysis of exosomes

Current position: Regulatory Support Specialist at a Contract Research Organization

Dr. Joseph Furgal
Past Director of Web Development (2016-2017)

Ph.D. field: Materials Chemistry

Previous work: Self-replicating synthetic polymers (oligopeptoids), dynamic covalent assembly

Current Position: Assistant Professor Bowling Green State University

Dr. Patrick Long

Past Director of Finance (2017)

Ph.D. field: Neuroscience

Current work: Pediatric neurological disease

Dr. Carlos Anderson
Founding Member
​Past Position: Director of Web Development

Ph.D. field: Evolutionary Biology

Previous work: Artificial life evolution

Current position: Senior Software Developer at the Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Michigan

Charles Lu

Past President (2017)

Ph.D. field: Bioelectrical Engineering

Current work: Neural signal processing

Michael Lang

Past Position: President      
Ph.D. field: Cell and Developmental Biology
Previous work: Phosphorylated phosphatidylinositol signalling


Dr. Stacy Finkbeiner

​Founding Member

Past Position: Director of HR

Ph.D. field: Microbiology

Previous work: Developmental biology
Current position: Analyst, inThought Research

Dr. Yuan He

Ph.D. field: Cellular and Molecular Biology
Previous work: Immunology and Inflammatory diseases
Current Position: Research Investigator at the University of Michigan

Dr. Egon Ranghini

Founding Member

Past Positions: Director of Finance, President

Ph.D. field: Biological sciences

Previous work: Molecular signals in epithelial cell development and regeneration in the kidney

Current position: Applications Scientist I at Rubicon Genomics

Dr. Shirley Lee

Ph.D. field: Molecular and Cellular Pathology
Previous work: Inhibitor discovery and development for Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Current Position: Scientist at Cayman Chemical

Dr. Gautam Rajpal
​Founding Member
Past Position: Vice President

Ph.D. field: Cellular and Molecular Biology

Previous work: Diabetes and insulin folding

Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Michigan

Dr. Raghuram Thiagarajan

Founding Member
Past Position: Director of Web Development
Ph.D. field: Materials Sciences     
Previous work: Computational Genomics
Current position: Modeling Engineer at Pratt & Miller​

Dr. Bonnie Liu
Co-Director of HR

Ph.D. field: Oncology and Molecular Biology

Current work: Understanding the biology of therapy resistance in gliblastoma 

Dr. Maggie Evans
Past Co-Director of HR (2017)

Ph.D. field: Molecular Micro-Biology and Biochemistry

Current work: Curli Biogenesis in E. Coli

Dr. Ariell Joiner
Past Position: Director of Finance​

Ph.D. field: Pharmacology

Previous work: Cilia and signaling in olfactory neurogenesis